Upon your arrival at the villa, you would be greeted with extensive rustic wood elements that exude quaint Balinese sensation. Those wooden planks are none other than the old-fashioned railway sleepers.

Keretapi is a Malay word that translates literally to "fire wagon".

In the early 20th century (circa 1940) during the Japanese occupation of Malaya, there was a widespread destruction of the Malaysian railway by the Japanese. Railway tracks, bridges, coach-stock, etc. were dismantled and sent to Burma for the construction of the infamous Burmese Death Railway.

At the end of World War II, England started rebuilding the Malaya rail system. Today, 40% of the rail sleepers wereof concrete and 60% of wood.

Wooden sleepers used in Malaysian railways are made from Chengal wood grown in the rainforest of Peninsular Malaysia.

We are proud to be the pioneer to use about 300 pieces of used railway sleepers to build the fencing, bar counter, garden and all the wooden frame of the bungalow. In this respect, we are proud to preserving ecological environment.